Goddess Pepper


Los Angeles born and raised, a deviant libertine and seeker of truth. Lifestyle Domme for as long as I can remember, and practiced in the arts of BDSM, I will find the truth and put you in your place. I will test your body and your mind. I have only the highest standards and I will hold you to them...with an elegantly powerful grip.  


Step away from the societal pressures of the outside world and into mine. Locked in my gaze, entranced by my aura, and under my command, your sole existence relies on pleasing me. Share your deepest fantasies and darkest desires, for in this world, they are safe.

Skilled dancer and perfomer, I will captivate you with my grace and beauty. With extensive training as an extreme sports athlete and coach, I have studied body movement assessment, environmental impact on performance, psychology, and identifying styles of learning. I am highly experienced in harmoniously applying various teaching styles to correlating learning styles. These skills have crossed over into my expertise as a Domina.

Intelligent and educated, I shall challenge you, vassal, with my wit and cunning. Under my power, bound by my feminine strength and exotic beauty, you will be brought to your knees. Bow in utter humility upon revelation of your foolish mortal ways. With pleasure, I look down upon you; meek, disrobed, emasculated, there at my feet. I will correct you with a stinging, yet erotically sweet elegance...


Due to COVID-19, and local shelter-in-place orders, I am not currently taking in person sessions. Please be patient while I set up to be able to meet virtually. Stay safe and follow your local guidelines and ordinances, and recommendations set forth by the CDC and WHO. 

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