Goddess Pepper


"Goddess Pepper is exquisitely intelligent and attentive in her style: Maintaining a stable dominant energy, she nonetheless is able to expertly attune to the submissive style of those with whom she is playing, and to create an electric dynamic. Balancing sensual stimulation and psychological assertiveness, her composure and intentionality is impressive and magnetic. Anyone would be very lucky to be in her presence, let alone to get to play with her. "





"Goddess Pepper is both beautiful and mysterious. Do not be deceived by her petten person. She is both strong and commanding. I don't know how to explain it, but from first sight, my only goal was to please her and provide amusement with my lowly status. She was generous with rewards when I am good, and harsh when I disobeyed or disappointed her...something I tried desperately to avoid."



"I credit you with getting me into the scene"


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