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Dumb D/s Conversations in the Vanilla Workplace

September 23, 2017

There was an attractive guy at my new job, so I take it upon myself to strike up some conversation and get to know him. He is young, intelligent, educated, physically fit, and slightly dorky. Dommebait. He is several levels my superior in the corporate hierarchy. A couple weeks in, to my delight, I learn through our dialogue that he is "into bdsm". He identifies as a "D-type", and as it so often goes, he asks "What would you do with a dominant man?"


Mwaaaa ha, ha, ha. I love this specific question (It used to irk me, but then I realized that the people who ask it are often inexperienced, lack creativity, or are entitled, lazy, and have become far too comfortable with having someone else do everything for them. Or...self identify as D-type, but really aren't). I've played with respectable Dominant men and our subs before, and have always had very positive, and quite hot experiences. I like these men very much on several levels. However I digress- that's another topic for another time.


So back to my boss's boss's boss's boss, and on to a week or so further in, when it has become abundantly clear that there is an undeniable mutual attraction. Beyond physical attraction, I actually kinda like him at this point. He is open minded, and suggests going to a friend's empty apartment nearby during our lunch break one day to explore, and find out whether or not he has a submissive side. :) The thought of it pulls at my heartstrings, however I ultimately decide that while very tempting, it is a fantasy to remain as such. 


One day he opens up The Dumb Conversation. It goes something like this:


Him: "I read that dominant personalities like bitter tasting foods".


Me: (insert rolling eyes emoji)

        "Oh yeah? What's a bitter tasting food? Give me some examples."



Him: "Brussels sprouts, dark chocolate, kale..."  My thought bubble: "La, dee, da, dee blah, blah, blah..."


Me: "Hmmm, well, I DO like all of those. There's little that I don't like when it comes to food though. I have a propensity for sour things that make my mouth water sweet." (smiling devil horns emoji)


Him: "LOL"


For whatever it means, he has obviously failed to realize that I pour myself a healthy cup of black coffee while standing next to him in the break-room every day.  


My thought bubble: "More cream and sugar, sweetie? Shut up and get on your knees for a lesson 'cuz this convo. is killin' the heat".


...Despite the Dumb Conversation, I did eventually have fun with my co-worker outside of work one night where an organic adventure ultimately resulted in a team effort to get someone to give up his manties at the bar. 




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