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She walked into the room and I removed her blindfold. Hearing her shriek with joy and excitement upon the revelation, I felt the depth of our connection as I immediately locked eyes with her, just as we had the night we first met. Having had a tryst or two together since then, I sensed the comfort of familiarity was at play.

...So I slapped her across the face. Though I'd done it before, it had been to that day, my most challenging moment as a Domme: Because it was her . "Your birthday spanking!" I said with a smile. "Happy Birthday, babycakes!"

     The evening, well planned by her Master, had been voyeuristic fun already; socializing, and giggling as we watched live, from our secret location in the back. She moved from room to room, play partner to play partner, not having the slightest clue what was in store.

     I was happy that she was tangible to me now, and that we were about to share an intimate, kinky, exhibitionist moment together. 


"Come...lay down and make yourself comfortable," I said. The look on her face was serious...for now. She was getting into the zone, focusing on each word as I said it.  Committed. Not selfish or indulgent. I was pleased. Her service is rare. I never have to repeat myself with her, as she understands me clearly, as intended. If she has a question, it is never a stupid one, which I truly appreciate. I prefer to smile than to have to roll my eyes. She is confident and secure, and aims to please, finding her own pleasure in the challenge, and she has great ability to execute as commanded. 

     I lit the candles and set them up, training her with tea lights along the length of her beautiful body, to hold steady and exercise balance. Then I asked her to do what seemed nearly impossible. "Blow this one out, so I can drip it on you," I held the candle due south of her perfect lips. Do the best you can." I glanced at the flame atop her third eye, as I locked the other two with mine again. "You will have to trust me. I'm not going to let it spill on you. You'll have to move your lips and blow down. You can do it." A nervous giggle, and then back into the zone...And of course; she did do it.


I moved on to the sensuous dripping of warm wax over her soft, deliciously slut-shamed skin. She wore it so well. I teased and tickled her along the way. Tempted by her little gasps to stray from the plan and indulge in a more intimate moment, I reminded myself that time was of the essence, and there was more to the evening, and more with whom to play and share...That moment would have to wait.

                                                                                               Some girlfriends scrapbook and craft together. I'd decided I was going to bedazzle her on her birthday. I would decorate the sweet little cake that she is. I quickly and gently pressed the gems into the still warm, fragrant wax "icing". She was now dressed in pastels, her birthday suit thoroughly decorated.

      I commanded her to rise. "You look so beautiful. Like an exotic bird!" I said. "Let's make you one!" Facing the camera that I wasn't sure she was yet aware of, with a quick smile to the audience, I retrieved the ridiculously heavy marble cheese board and walked back over. There was no cheese. Only the wooden letters balancing atop, adding to the weight of it, and candles on top of that. I had her hold it with her elbows out, then coached her into a flamingo stance. She found her strong leg, and I had her hold the position for thirty seconds.


The balance training that our session had started with had paid off. She mastered the stance skillfully. As always, she had passed the test of strength of mind, and that of strength of body. We finished the scene with her in worship position. I attached the leash to her collar, and led her to the rest of the waiting party for some group fun.

It was only after our the party was over when she mentioned that her arms were sore and not at full strength due to an arm workout earlier that day. Masochistic toughie!






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