Goddess Pepper


I have myriad BDSM interests. Following are some them. If you have specific fetishes or role-play ideas you do not see below, you may make an offering in the form of a respectful request...Should it align with My interests, I may grant you what you desire. Upon completion of a thorough reading of the following, submit a request to session by proceeding to my "Serve Me" page.   

  • Tease  – Tease and denial, chastity/restriction, CFNM, O-control, edging, verbal tease and humiliation

  • Sensory Play – Sensory deprivation, sensory overload, ice, wax, electrical wand

  • Role Play – Teacher and student, Goddess and vassal, Master and slave, Boss and employee

  • Training (Discipline) – Service/slave training, domestic discipline, sissification/transformation 

  • Couples – I adore training with couples

  • Women – I am bi-sexual and love playing with women

  • Bondage – Cuffs and chains, predicament, rope

  • Impact Play – OTK spanking, flogging, whipping, caning

  • Torture – corporal punishment, confinement​, smothering play

  • Objectification - Human furniture, eye-contact restriction, findom

  • Submissive Experience/Public Humiliation Dates – Shopping, spas, fine dining, etc.

  • Worship – Foot worship, foot massage, body worship

  • Aftercare 


Regarding Asian Fetishism:

I accept Asian Fetishists, and am not hesitant to engage in this play. I am addressing this in order to break the ice on a topic that I have noticed can waste time, and is often  a source of discomfort for those who are Asian Fetishists during the initial stages in seeking the right Domme. Please realize that it is difficult for me to pinpoint the Asian culture/characteristics/ personality that you fetishize if you are unwilling or hesitant to have the conversation. I expect you to truly drop your inhibitions around the topic and be prepared to expand further/address specifics, should you bring your fetish to my attention, so that I can understand best what you seek. For example, if you expect a session where there is an evolution of character throughout the course of the session, I will need to know that in order to meet your needs. My true personality may or may not align with your preconceived notions. Otherwise, maintain any reservations you have in bringing your Asian Fetish to the table.  

The following are off-limits:

Switching, heavy medical play, scat, ruby showers, any activity that is directly sexual, illegal, unsafe or non-consensual.

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